To watch out

Trading is like a game and your role in this game is to use any tool at your disposal to stay ahead of your competition. And one of the most effective tools for fulfilling this role is SEO.

This means that one of the most important ways to earn and maintain a competitive edge in your industry is to carefully monitor subtle changes in SEO trends and to change your campaigns to match the new realities of the online world.

As we embark on 2017, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the wonderful world of search engine optimization in the coming year.

Here are the SEO Trends to watch for in 2017.


The density of the content can be clearly described as “value per word”. For example, even if you can write a 3,000 word article that explains auto financing, the value you provide per word could be very low.

However, by providing more dense content that is more function-oriented than form-based, you can provide the same value in just 300 words.

Which means you spend less time writing and your audience gets more value.


In recent years, the expectations of average users have grown exponentially.

People are no longer satisfied with good speeds and reasonably navigable sites. They now expect websites with an instant load time and sites that are easier to navigate than the palm of your own hand.

With this increase in expectations, the WEU or the optimization of the user experience has become almost synonymous with SEO. Google has begun to show clear favoritism towards sites with fast loading times, mobile optimization and indications that users are benefiting from their overall experience (low bounce rate and high average page time).

Part of the job description of entrepreneurship is to pay attention to trends in the modern market and to customize your company’s plans and actions accordingly.


With the importance of SEO for the modern entrepreneur, it is absolutely crucial that you pay attention to trends and progress in the world of SEO. And the predictions above are a great starting point!

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