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Why is it no longer enough to strive for excellence in your field? Because you are probably already late. Customer expectations are changing faster and faster, 2020 will be no exception. So in a changing environment the key is to test, analyze and learn.

The auto industry, in particular, has seen one of the biggest radical changes in buyer behavior. Ten years ago, a used car buyer visited an average of five to seven dealers before making a selection. Now, not even 2 dealers are visited in person before the purchase.

A consumer will start his search online and he will expect to be “seduced” from his first research about you. The general look of your site, the mobile responsivity, the amount of choice available, the customization of your offers, etc. It is now much more than a good price to attract a customer to the store.

You will have to offer him a general experience from A to Z that lives up to his expectations and to which he will personally identify himself. We must now focus on the interaction with them.


People do not evaluate their experiences vertically anymore. Before, the customer compared a used car dealer to other used car dealers, or even compared an online clothing store to other online clothing stores.

Consumers now retain the best experience they have had in an industry and require at least the same experience in other industries.

If they can have an ultra personalized coffee in the morning, why would it be different for the purchase of their car?

That means everything has to be personalized to the customer, from the mobile marketing messages to the in-store experience with the advisor. To do this, we must learn to anticipate the needs of the customer.

If we stay in the example of car dealers, is his priority to find the best car for his needs? Is it speed or convenience? Is financing the first step in the car buying process?


The best way to anticipate customer needs is to analyze their data as a user on the web. Depending on their behavior, the dealer will be able to know whether to use financing messages or rather promotions, for example.

The customization can be even more thorough with the analysis of these data. If the customer has made an in-store appointment to try a Toyota Camry, the dealership will prepare a Toyota Camry. But he can also prepare a Nissan Altima and a Honda Accord, since it would be 2 models that the customer would have also sought a lot.

Learn more about the customer and their research before purchase, we think it is possible to develop a better informed and more fluid shopping experience.


Providing THE best customer experience requires multiple tests, trial-errors, and constant adaptations.

For example, car dealerships have begun to realize that they do not meet customer expectations in terms of vehicle photos. Data from Google Analytics showed that less than half of the photos of individual cars were viewed.

Employees take many photos, but not necessarily the ones that customers are most concerned about or the quality they expect.

To solve this problem, it was necessary to interrogate the customers and to test new elements. More photos of the cargo area, fewer photos from outside, more photos in HD, etc.

Now these dealers can be sure to offer the visual support that customers are looking for.

What has just been described, would in fact be the basis for being in the process of offering THE best experience. To offer the “more” that customers are looking for, you have to test again.

360 photos, among others, are rarely available, yet they offer great interaction with users who see themselves directly in the vehicle. It allows them to project themselves at the wheel of this one.

It is exactly with such strategies that the likelihood that a buyer will choose your dealership as a result of their mobile searches becomes very high.


The more you anticipate customer needs every step of the way, the happier they will be.

To achieve this, it is essential to analyze, learn, test, fail, and try again.
Who cares if you have tried and failed? As long as you have learned about your customers, you are always getting closer on how to meet their needs.

Finally, we can not do everything and know everything. That’s why there are specialized marketing agencies.

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