The Cherry on top

The importance of quality graphics!

Quebec businesses, young and old, are increasingly hesitant to call on professionals to create their website, their brand image (logo and identity) and their graphic charter.

Sometimes for budgetary reasons, sometimes because many think it’s a luxury or money thrown out the window. Whatever the reason, they are wrong to put aside the possibility of starting a business, or updating it, with a legitimate, thoughtful and optimal image.

Do you want to save money and time?

I guarantee it, if it’s your goal, it will be redone in the coming years. So, why not use the services of graduates right from the start, and enjoy a creative, up-to-date and timeless result for long and successful years!

Like any self-respecting marketing agency, Nerd Marketing has a versatile and multi-task team, and is a graphic designer.

Here is the portrait of the role played by this piece in our puzzle, in order to optimize your results in your projects; the cherry on the sundae!


The world in which we live is a world of communication through the image. Look around you!

Whether it’s your restaurant menu, the advertisements you come across on the road, your yogurt jar so appealing to the grocery store or the cover of your favorite novel! People judge at first glance. The gaze is the first step of a communication interaction.

The role of the graphic designer is to create it, in order to deliver a message and to get people to get in touch with you. He is an expert in image and communication. You should never underestimate the role of a graphic designer. It will come to arouse the interest of your customers at a glance.

Your business is unique, you are unique, and the designer will know how to make an image tailored to you.


The graphic designer does not just make beautiful drawings on the computer.

He knows the rules of formatting and layout, concepts you may not know existed! Because a functioning image, advertisement or web banner that works is not just a drawing or photomontage, but a thoughtful design that respects the rules, such as typographical codes, essential for the environment.


The graphic designer, a graduate, has all the training on software essential to the creation of logos, websites, advertisements, in short visual communication.

These software and knowledge are essential to the achievement and success of a project. But the design tools do not just concern the technical and manual aspects, but also the trend.

It is the duty of the graphic designer to be up to date on the news of the field, and will guide you in what you want for your company and your customers, versus what is possible and up to date for it to work.

The true value of a graphic designer is therefore not necessarily found in the software and technical tools that he possesses, although all this is really important, but in its integrity, its artistic knowledge, its creativity and its sense of aesthetics and communication.

Here are some examples made by our company:


Here is the question that people ask themselves regularly:

Why call on a graphic designer? Why use a marketing agency?

I return the question to you in another way. If you want to know more, or have more information about a product, event or person X, where are you going to get your information? On the internet or on social networks!

What will you see in the first place, who will inform you of the credibility and professionalism of this communication tool? The first look, the visual aspect.

So, rather than investing in a cardboard marketing design or plan, why not invest in a process and a professional team, to put all the chances of success on your side!

A passionate team that analyzes and is strategic. When was your last sundae?

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