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Broadcasting relevant information and high quality content to promote your brand, here is what the people at Nerd Marketing notably do, this young enterprise with multiple talents.

In this blog, the Nerd Marketing team proposes you to interest yourself to the important SEO referencing factors. For the uninitiated, the SEO referencing touches the set of techniques which consists in favorably positioning a site on the first results in the search engines when an Internet user launches a request.

There certainly exists many SEO referencing factors, but the people at Nerd Marketing, who follow the digital trends for you, think there are seven main factors in terms of SEO strategies. When these factors are combined, they give spectacular results in terms of strategic positioning. They will give you an edge on the competition. After all, what you wish for is to show up in the first five results of the Google or other search engines. This is where it’s happening for you…and nowhere else! Nerd Marketing promises you concrete stuff on the whole line.

The 7 SEO Referencing Factors

Key #1: Unique and high quality content

If content marketing offers numerous opportunities, including establishing and enriching the perception of the brand, or directly contribute to the augmentation of your sales, in terms of SEO referencing, we will talk of the necessity of realizing unique, high quality content as often as possible. If you want to increase your sales for example, do not reply to already existing content; the search engines will balk. Instead, enrich your written productions, innovate, make researches and be creative in terms of content. The more your content will be exclusive, researched and well-written, the more the search engines will give you good points. When you are able to produce content with rich key words, you are already on the right path.

Key #2: Make your site compatible

Technology floods our homes and our lifestyles. About this, make your site compatible with your tablets and mobile devices. To do so, reactive websites answer best to mobile technologies than to others. In the optic of raking as largely as possible, do the necessary so that search engines can improve the requests of your fans or your future clients.

Key #3: Create a secured website

At the start, many sites appear unsecured. With time, the fact of switching to HTTPS allows to more easily reference your website. Ever since 2014, Google has announced that HTTPS constituted a ranking signal. In 2017, Google, with its chrome navigator, begun signaling “unsecured” websites. To avoid an increase in rebound rates (Internet users deserting your website after having consulted a single web page), it is preferable to implant HTTPS.

Key #4: Improve the user experience and the architecture of your website

In terms of SEO referencing, it is important to put your site up-to-speed, to vary its content, to bring novelty in your written productions, and to make your website architecturally attractive. Don’t be afraid to give a breath of fresh air, by putting up quality content on a regular basis, for example. If you wish to improve the user experience, it matters that the Internet user may navigate longer on your website. Be creative, dare to enrich the appeal of your site, and allow the reader to stay there a little longer. Here is an interesting key in terms of SEO.

Key #5: Optimize the loading speed of your site

Since people seek immediacy and rapidity, give it to them. The loading of your site should be quick. Otherwise, the Internet user will get bored and will move on to the next web research. Thus, the more your site loads slowly, the more you will lose visitors and money. Think about improving the loading speed of your site, you will come out winning.

Key #6: Master the optimization of your web pages

Just as it is necessary to make our spaces user-friendly and clean, the technical components of your site must also be cleaned up. These are fundamental in terms of SEO and user experience. The more you dust off your metadata in the pages of your site (title beacons, notably), schemes (schemes indeed allow the search engines to better identify you), and internal link structures (these links help users and search engines to better find pages), better will the SEO referencing terms. Think of placing yourself in the shoes of your website’s user.

Key #7: Win some backlinks

A backlink is a link entering in a web page. Speaking of which, the net linking is a more and more trendy SEO technique which aims to demonstrate its popularity to the eyes of the search engines, thanks to entrant links coming from other Internet websites towards yours. The objective here is to increase the number of web links in your direction, and this, in order to increase your notoriety among your clients, but also in the eyes of Google, for example. The more you will have relevant and credible backlinks, the better the search engines will refer you.

All in all, the factors or keys allowing a better SEO referencing are plentiful. Nerd Marketing, in Terrebonne, on the North Shore near Laval and Montreal, specializes in digital and content marketing. Thanks to innovative, creative and entrepreneurial experts, Nerd Marketing outdoes itself for its customers and brings them to unparalleled levels. The success of digital marketing puts itself in place quickly thanks to a global and winning referencing strategy. Nerd Marketing possesses all the tools to ensure you a credibility and a perennation in your business. Partners of your success, Nerd Marketing looks ahead and already sees very far. Your next content and web expansion strategy starts with Nerd Marketing, an absolutely sure value on the market of innovation and the increase of your sales.

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